Monday, March 3

Yogurt- Cost of Making vs Buying Snack Cups

This week's postings are 5 posts breaking down the difference in cost of making compared to buying snack cups. Today is the yogurt snack cup part of the series. We make up 5 yogurt snack cups each week.

The how and cost breakdown is below-

One 32oz tub of Hy-Vee Yogurt is $2.99. We can break this down into 10 cups of 3.20oz. Yogurt is good for up to 10 days after opening and the half of the container we don't use the first week can be frozen and thawed out to use the next week (just have to stir the yogurt up after thawing for better texture/consistency). This breaks down to 30¢ a cup for just the yogurt. We top the cups with Hy-Vee Granola that is $4.99 for a 24oz bag (5 different flavor choices so we can mix it up). The boys won't eat yogurt that isn't in a tube (like gogurt) without granola on it. We use about a fourth of an oz of granola per snack cup- which come up to about 5¢ per cup. Making the final breakdown 35¢ a yogurt cup. That's 15¢ less then the store brand per yogurt cup and a 30% savings.

Savings a week = 75¢ (compared to store brand).

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