Thursday, April 10

Trace's Pulminologist Update- Severe Asthma (damage markings in lungs)

You may remember several weeks ago we had bad colds that royally screwed with my, Tristian and- surprisingly, Trace's lungs. Trace stopped breathing twice one night, resulting in me giving him a nebulizer befor his Dad rushed him to the ER. He responded so well to the nebulizer that the ER just thought he was mildly sick and wouldn't even do a lung xray or check for RSV. The next day we set an appt with Dr Konig. More below-

Since the episode during the cold, I've noticed Trace wheezing after running when catching his breath and graying around his lips twice while playing. Still much better then Tristian's constant cyanosis of the lips anytime he did anything strenuous, so we were a little shocked at the appointment results. Should have pushed for the lung xray at the ER.

Trevor took Trace to the appointment this morning. He said they did a lung xray then saw Dr Konig. At first Trevor heavily felt Dr Konig was saying Trace didn't seem to have asthma from listening to him. Which is not surprising. One because most doctors say our lungs sound clear the worse off we are. If we are breathing really well is when most doctors listen and say we have wheezing and congestion and want to start prescribing things. The worse our breathing the more likely doctors say we sound clear. It's why peak flow is so important for me and Tristian to have to show the lungs are only sounding clear because they are locked up and nothing can move to sound bad. The other reason that wasn't surprising is because Trace only recently started having obvious breathing problem symptoms. From the conversation, Trevor thought he was going to be told Trace doesn't have asthma but may be having symptoms triggered from the cold, especially if it was rsv (as I suspect from the symptoms, duration and severity). Then Dr Konig went to look over the xray.

Complete turn around. Trace already has, clearly visable on an xray, damage markings on his lungs like those caused by chronic severe asthma. This makes it unlikely the damage was only in the past couple months. Which means our hope is slim of him having asthma induced symptoms from a bout with RSV (which is why some people think they outgrew asthma. You can't outgrow actual asthma. You can outgrow symptoms induced by RSV). This is especially concerning from my view because Trace, while 45 months old, is only the size of a 22 month old from the growth disorder. That means significantly smaller lungs that are easier the close off and damage further.

Dr Konig started him on Albuterol and Atrovent nebulizers four times daily for the next week, then as needed in the future. Pulmicort this first week also four times daily, then after this whenever he's sick or has a severe flare. Then Flovent twice a day from here out as a maintenance steroid (this is what Tristian and my younger brother David both use as their maintenance). Trace also has an appointment with Dr Konig on June 10th for allergy skin testing.

Certainly not the results we were hoping for from this appointment. However, I'm very glad we took the initiative to make the appointment. Despite the ER doctors telling Trev there was no reason because Trace was fine, just sick with a normal cold. Hopefully this is not the 3 year battle controlling Tristian's asthma was. Praying we can quickly get Trace's asthma controlled and his lungs functioning more normally. I don't think it will be the issue Tristian's was. Simply because the symptoms are considerably less, despite the same 'severe' diagnosis.

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