Tuesday, May 27

Zoo Preview

I've been kind of behind on the blog lately.

Just posting a pic from our visit to the zoo a couple weeks ago.

Will try to get more uploaded soon.

Sunday, May 25

It's All About Connotation

I was making honey butter (yum) in the kitchen when I heard what sounded like Trace attacking his brother. I walk in on them wrestling around on the ground with Tristian complaining at Trace to stop. I ask them what they are doing and they both freeze, then Trace says, "We're rolling." I say, "Really? Maybe you should discuss that with your brother before starting next time." Trace looks at Tristian and goes, "I want to roll." Tristian goes, "I like rolling, I wanna roll too" and they begin wrestling again- Tristian perfectly happy this time. It's all in the presentation, lol.

Wednesday, May 21

Selective Perfection

Trevor and I wrapping Tristian's bday gifts. Me, "Were you trying to cut that in half?" Trevor, "Half..ish" Me, "Is that going to work?" Trevor, "It'll mostly work" Me, "Maybe try rolling it up diagonal." Trevor, "It's not a perfect square and if I do that it will bother me."

I love my selective perfectionist of a husband =p

Monday, May 19

Circus Pics

These are a little late, the circus was in town a couple weeks ago.
More Pics Below

Friday, May 16

Foot Long Worm

The picture doesn't do this guy justice. I've picked up grass snakes smaller then this worm in both length and girth.

This worm was over a foot long several times while moving (of course I could not get a picture of that lol)

The boys and Trevor found this giant while weeding in the front yard around the roses we planted last fall. He's now happily back with the roses.

Monday, May 12

Mother's Day Charm Euro Style Bracelet

Made this for my mom for Mother's Day. I'd been looking for some jewelry with the teal awareness ribbon on it, in remembrance of my grandmother- my mom's mother. However, I couldn't find anything but breast cancer stuff. On of the breast cancer things I found was a euro style charm bracelet and asked mom what she thought of it. She said she liked the style, just not the color (pink). So I put together something I thought she might like.

Saturday, May 10

Happy National Train Day!

Today is National Train Day! With our resident train finatic (Tristian), this is a special day for us to explore about trains!

Hope you have some Train fun today, too!

Wednesday, May 7

Anniversary Date

Instead of going out to dinner like most special dates, we planned a nice afternoon together.

We spent a couple hours in the morning with our boys, my best friend and her family walking around a big local garage sale. We spent the previous evening at a school festival with them, so it was nice to see them again so soon. My best friend's mom and dad are nana and papa to my kids and etc... So they were excited to be getting to see two of their three grandparent sets in one day =)

Saturday, May 3

Happy Wedding Anniversay

A Very Happy
Wedding Anniversary
to the Love of My Life!

Hard to believe we started dating almost 10 years ago & have been married for 6! I am so grateful we found each other & love you more every day. Looking forward to many more memories, anniversaries & decades.

Friday, May 2

Squishy Brain and Body =)

We found the Squishy Brain and Body model set on clearance for $10. I will say the model was pretty frustrating to put together. The plastic construction and the connections were simply not the best quality. The concept is pretty cool and the included books are excellent. Glad we only spent $10.

Couple more pics below-