Wednesday, May 7

Anniversary Date

Instead of going out to dinner like most special dates, we planned a nice afternoon together.

We spent a couple hours in the morning with our boys, my best friend and her family walking around a big local garage sale. We spent the previous evening at a school festival with them, so it was nice to see them again so soon. My best friend's mom and dad are nana and papa to my kids and etc... So they were excited to be getting to see two of their three grandparent sets in one day =)

We saw some very interesting things while garage sale-ing. Like This. We aren't really sure if this was a bar stool or table of some sort. Guess it could have been either. 

After the sale walking we met up with my parents and they took the kids to give us the afternoon off.

So we went to browse the farmers market children free. Our farmers market has lots of different stuff. From plants to crafts to food. Really neat to just walk around and browse. We picked up a pound of local wildflower honey and 8oz of rhubarb jam. My husband's grandma always use to make rhubarb jam, so he was happy to have that =)

After that we headed over to a dinner type restaurant we saw on Groupon. Mad Cow over on Nifong. That was a little after noon. The ambiance was awesome (one entire wall was painted in a indigenous mural style) while the food was awesome. They had great burgers and fries that you watched them take fresh potatoes, slice and grill. Just fantastic.

After eating we walked around downtown for another hour or two just enjoying the gorgeous weather and being together. Checked out some old favorite stores and found some great new ones. There's a new niche store for olive oil and vinegar that just had a great set up. Boone Olive Oil Co on 9th Street. You could try all of it with some bread and stuff on toothpicks. I didn't but my husband did, he's a food person. It's his hobby and job so he enjoyed it. It has more oils and vinegars then you would believe exist! The people there were awesome and personable, we will certainly be dropping back by.

After a stop for some iced tea (thirsty work all that walking) we headed to my parents. My sister, her husband and two kids, my brother, mom, dad, four family friends plus us and our kids all had dinner and spent the rest of the evening outside just enjoying being together.

It was a great day. We started it off just our family, spent the early morning with one side of family, got some time just the two of us, then ended the day with another side of family. The only thing that could have made it better was if my husband had family closer (his family is about an hour away). It was a truly wonderful anniversary and so much more us then going out for dinner. What we did today was how we dated. We never have been dress up and go to dinner and a show couple. We've done that most our anniversaries, but I think except the 10s and 5s will be doing something more like this from now on.

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  1. I'm glad you all had a great anniversary! And rhubarb jam.... AWESOME!! Maybe I can talk grandma into helping me make some... :)