Wednesday, June 25

Stories of an Autistic Child

Tris is coloring on one of the color wonder books Aunt Tracy and Uncle Mark bought down and I sneak up behind him, pick him up and hug him and kiss him and go 'Oh I Love You!' I put him down, he looks at me and says, 'Thank you' very politely- then goes back to coloring. Lol ;-)

Tuesday, June 17

Summer Wreath

The boys helped me make a summer time wreath today and I think we did a pretty decent job =)

Trace helped placing the fabric and Tris helped with the glue gun. We used a $3 tube of bright green mesh, a welcome sign we already had (I think it was $7 at Big Lots) and some scrap fabric from old curtains =)

Monday, June 16

Trace's 4th Bday Party Plans

Tristian's birthday party may have past, but Trace's is just around the corner! Like with his brother we made some pretty cool finds, including the pictured shirt. Trace's party is also going to be at our house in the back yard (sans rain) on his actual birthday evening.

More below-

Tuesday, June 10

I Hate Insurance (today's pulm appt)

So my nearly 4 year old (the goofy kid to the left) already has damage in his lungs from severe asthma, as we found out at the previous visit, was put on qvar 80 2puffs 2x a day by his pediatric pulmonologist; who has nearly 50 years of practice and more then 30 years of treating the children with asthma in my family. 

We found out today that the insurance company has informed his doctor that Trace does not need to be on the 80 qvar but instead half that, the 40 qvar.

Monday, June 2

Tris Birthday Preview

Tris had a great time at his party, thank you to all our family and friends who came out!

I'll get our pictures from the last month or so up soon. The adaptor I use to access my camera's pictures on my tablet broke. Trying to go through, edit (crop, resize, etc) and upload images on our computer takes much more time then it did through Picsay Pro on my tablet.