Thursday, July 31

Trace MRI Update

Neither best case nor worse case. We got the MRI results yesterday and the abnormal growth on Trace's pituitary gland has not changed. I was really hoping it would just disapeer, but no change is better then growing. From here we will move forward with hormone therapy and do another MRI in a few months to make sure the growth hormone isn't making the abnormal growth grow. Hopefully we can get Trace growing soon.

Wednesday, July 30

A Child's (spinning) View

Short 20 second video where, like other great shows, the twist at the end makes it. Trevor and I were going through the boys tablet, this is just one of many funny pictures or videos.

Sunday, July 27

Knit Spiderman Spawn/Venom Inspired Hat Set

The hat and cowl set that will be from Tristian to Trace for Christmas. I woke up sick last Sundays and finished Tristian's Batman set while sick this last week. Then, last night Trace woke up around 1am running 103+ fever and I still haven't really gotten sleep (he finally went back to sleep around 6am) but finished this set sometime early am. I expected to take much longer finishing both sets; being sick and stationary sorta moved them right along though =p Trace get's more fever meds at 8am and hopefully I can nap a bit then.

Thursday, July 24

Trace's MRI was Today

Trace just woke up from the MRI. He had kind of a rough night last night and we spent most the night on the couch but the MRI went off without a hitch. We'll update with results as soon as we have them. Best case the growth disappeared but as long as it hasn't changed we'll be starting the process to get him on growth hormone shots.

Tuesday, July 22

Knit Batman Hat, Striped Scarf

Set I'm working on that will be from Trace to Tris for Christmas. Little different from the original plan, but still cute. Did the hat in the round- don't think I'll do color changes besides stripes in the round again. Much nicer finish when working those in the flat, I think. About half way done with the scarf. Dark blue and bright yellow match the hat; added black, cream and a brighter blue for more scarf stripes. May or not block/add fringe- see what it looks like.

Still planning a spawn/venom hat for Trace from Tris.

Monday, July 21

Trace & Ella

Just a couple sweet pics of Trace and Ella a bit ago at a play date while Nana took Karma and Tris to one of Tris' tball games.

Saturday, July 19

Things that Roll

Couple pics of the boys outside today. Tris was resting after roller skating a bit and Trace discovered if he put the balloons from his party in the back of his trike they were sorta like kites =)

Wednesday, July 16

Roller Skating!

The boys are practicing roller skating inside =) They both used birthday money to buy roller skates, among other things. Tris got Angry Birds ones and Trace got Spiderman ones. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Zeiger, Trent, Grandma Irene, Grandma Chris & The Vaughns! They are having a blast!!!

Saturday, July 12

My Hat Model

This was my first try at doing anything in the round. It's pretty neat not having to switch stitches to do stockinette. Right up until you get to closing and then it's not so neat anymore =p Much easier just to seam hat knit straight across. Not really sure what I'm doing with this toddler size hat. It was a trial run and fits Trace nearly perfectly, hopefully that won't be true by winter. Pretty cute on him now though =)

Monday, July 7

Sweet Sleeping Trace

Mom and Dad's bed is just better, I guess. At least he's finally sleeping =)

Saturday, July 5

Progressive Dropped Us for being Victims of a Break In

We just got a note from progressive that they will not be renewing our policy for the house insurance. The reason, because of the claim history of vandalism. The only time in 6 years of insuring the house with them that we made a claim was when the house was broken into more then a year ago. They waited 2 6 month terms to drop it and the only way I can read this is "we're dropping your policy because you used it" (and I'm assuming there is some sort of legal reason they waited a year to cancel after the claim). The letter was also postmarked June 6th, but just hit our mailbox today. Fantastic.
Well Progressive, I've used you for auto for more then 10 years and house insurance for more then 6 years, never, ever filed a claim for either until last year when we had a crime committed against us that was completely outside our control. You permanently lost a customer. A customer who potentially has 50 to 70 more years of insurance buying (I'm in my late 20s). Smart long term thinking there ;-)

Tuesday, July 1

Boys Endocrinologist Update

Tris is still on the 5th percentile chugging along that growth line well. Better then not on the chart when he wasn't on hormone shots so no complaints. Also, he's pretty dead on average for his bone age (which is considerably behind his actual age) so according to that Tris is doing great as far his final height projection.

Trace's bone age is still his actual age and he is not anywhere near the growth chart for his age- being 2 years behind at this point. Which is significant at such a young age. He's about to turn 4 and is the average height of a child about to turn 2. So their doctor is scheduling Trace's next MRI this month. For development reasons he is heavily suggesting we start Trace on growth hormone shots as soon as we recieve the results; as long as the abnormal growth has shown no change since the last MRI.