Tuesday, July 1

Boys Endocrinologist Update

Tris is still on the 5th percentile chugging along that growth line well. Better then not on the chart when he wasn't on hormone shots so no complaints. Also, he's pretty dead on average for his bone age (which is considerably behind his actual age) so according to that Tris is doing great as far his final height projection.

Trace's bone age is still his actual age and he is not anywhere near the growth chart for his age- being 2 years behind at this point. Which is significant at such a young age. He's about to turn 4 and is the average height of a child about to turn 2. So their doctor is scheduling Trace's next MRI this month. For development reasons he is heavily suggesting we start Trace on growth hormone shots as soon as we recieve the results; as long as the abnormal growth has shown no change since the last MRI.

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