Saturday, July 5

Progressive Dropped Us for being Victims of a Break In

We just got a note from progressive that they will not be renewing our policy for the house insurance. The reason, because of the claim history of vandalism. The only time in 6 years of insuring the house with them that we made a claim was when the house was broken into more then a year ago. They waited 2 6 month terms to drop it and the only way I can read this is "we're dropping your policy because you used it" (and I'm assuming there is some sort of legal reason they waited a year to cancel after the claim). The letter was also postmarked June 6th, but just hit our mailbox today. Fantastic.
Well Progressive, I've used you for auto for more then 10 years and house insurance for more then 6 years, never, ever filed a claim for either until last year when we had a crime committed against us that was completely outside our control. You permanently lost a customer. A customer who potentially has 50 to 70 more years of insurance buying (I'm in my late 20s). Smart long term thinking there ;-)

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