Thursday, August 28

We've Been Busy

Just a mini update: I still have plans to get some pictures from this summer up that haven't been posted yet. Trace's bday, Tristian's tball, etc...We've been super busy and dealing with some big stresses so the blog has fallen behind. The next medical update on the boys will be Tris' Pulmonologist appt this Friday. We are still trying to get possession of our house back, but that will hopefully be coming to an end soon and we can start of fixing any damage. I've been working weekends & some weekdays so things are going to get very busy as we move into school and holiday season. Luckily we have a lot of our holiday shopping done and I've done some of the freezable holiday baking ahead of time to help. We start homeschool the beginning of Sept (& we had a very nice Start of School homeschool gathering at Bethel Park last week with some other homeschoolers in the area). I finished homeschool prep 2 weeks ago. I put together suggestedvdaily lesson plans in a trapper keeper for Trev & I with the corresponding working sheets and printables in a trapper keeper for Tristian seperated by subjects and in chronological order of use. It will make it easier to keep up with homeschool not having as much daily prep & for Trevor to help with it on weekdays I work.

Monday, August 18

Nervous Knitting (baby hat and dress set)

This is what I did with my nervous / stressed energy this weekend waiting for today's ruling. I started making something different but just couldn't follow a pattern. So I started knitting and ended up with this set. No idea why, just going to include it in the gift bag with the church hat and scarf donations. I'm sure someone will want it ;-)

Tuesday, August 12

Church Directory Picture Day

A fellow member was kind enough to snap a picture of the boys and us waiting to get our directory picture taken.

Monday, August 4

Tristian's First Loose (shark) Tooth!

Tristian lost his first tooth! YESTERDAY, and he didn't tell us =p He asked this morning why the tooth was still under his pillow. I told him he had to tell us so we could let the tooth fairy know. This of course was followed by him asking how we let her know. I said that's grown up stuff. I asked why he hadn't told us and he said he was going to tell me (I worked til 10pm last night and Trevor was home with the boys). So one of the shark teeth came out, the other the dentist will look at on Wednesday, but it's not even loose so I think it's going have to be pulled.

Sunday, August 3

Christmas Hat Set

This is the last knitting I'm doing for a bit because I need to get Tristian's school stuff put together. I started working again so Trevor will be doing some of the schooling on days he's off and I'm at work if it's week day. Means I really need to make sure it's all put together now to keep it from getting stressful later. Doing the same thing I did last year and creating a binder for me with daily lesson plans, hour sheet and and lesson notes. Then a Trapper keeper for Tris with all the worksheets and any other printed activities already in the binder by subject in order of the date thet'll be used. It's a lot of work at one time, but cuts day to day school prep down to almost nothing during the year- which is a really good thing!

Anyways, I know the lighting sucks but I just finished it tonight and wanted to share =)

Friday, August 1


Trevor walks down the hall past the bathroom and I hear, "Tristian, put the book down. There is no reason to be holding a book reading while brushing your teeth while peeing!"
Lmao, ok... so that kid is mine ;-)