Sunday, August 3

Christmas Hat Set

This is the last knitting I'm doing for a bit because I need to get Tristian's school stuff put together. I started working again so Trevor will be doing some of the schooling on days he's off and I'm at work if it's week day. Means I really need to make sure it's all put together now to keep it from getting stressful later. Doing the same thing I did last year and creating a binder for me with daily lesson plans, hour sheet and and lesson notes. Then a Trapper keeper for Tris with all the worksheets and any other printed activities already in the binder by subject in order of the date thet'll be used. It's a lot of work at one time, but cuts day to day school prep down to almost nothing during the year- which is a really good thing!

Anyways, I know the lighting sucks but I just finished it tonight and wanted to share =)

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