Thursday, August 28

We've Been Busy

Just a mini update: I still have plans to get some pictures from this summer up that haven't been posted yet. Trace's bday, Tristian's tball, etc...We've been super busy and dealing with some big stresses so the blog has fallen behind. The next medical update on the boys will be Tris' Pulmonologist appt this Friday. We are still trying to get possession of our house back, but that will hopefully be coming to an end soon and we can start of fixing any damage. I've been working weekends & some weekdays so things are going to get very busy as we move into school and holiday season. Luckily we have a lot of our holiday shopping done and I've done some of the freezable holiday baking ahead of time to help. We start homeschool the beginning of Sept (& we had a very nice Start of School homeschool gathering at Bethel Park last week with some other homeschoolers in the area). I finished homeschool prep 2 weeks ago. I put together suggestedvdaily lesson plans in a trapper keeper for Trev & I with the corresponding working sheets and printables in a trapper keeper for Tristian seperated by subjects and in chronological order of use. It will make it easier to keep up with homeschool not having as much daily prep & for Trevor to help with it on weekdays I work.

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