Monday, September 8

$5 Popcorn and Candy Bouquet Gift Set

These are a nice little it's the thought that counts candy and popcorn bouquets. They cost us about $5 each to make and can be made early. With candy and packaged popcorn both having shelf life of about a year so making them a little early still gives the giftee plenty of 'best by' time.

We did these now because the candy and popcorn were both on ad sale last week. Hershey bars were $3 for a 6pk and the popcorn was $1 a 3pk. Planter's Nuts are 2 for $1 normally. The Kabob sticks are 100 for $3. The foam, tissue paper and glue sticks can all be gotten at Dollar Tree. I bought one pack of the 25 for $1 colored tissue paper and one pack of the 8 for $1 shiny gold tissue papers. After tax it rings up to about $29.

Tips for How to Make:

Cut the box of popcorn open along the top on both sides and the front (leaving the top flap up on the back to create a backing for the bouquet display).

Pull out the popcorn bags and replace them with foam. If using the Dollar Tree rectangle foam that comes in 4pks I use 2 pieces per box. I glue them together on their longest skinny sides into a bigger rectangle then glue that down in the center of the box (there will be space all around it that is used for stuffing the tissue paper in).

Use a low temp glue gun to adhere the kabob sticks to the popcorn, nuts and candy bars (hi temp will melt the plastic wraps) pointy end down and use it to stick the edibles into the foam.

Each box uses 3 full pieces of tissue paper. Put one piece of tissue paper down the back of the box to fill in and hide the foam in back. Mix the colors as desired (I mix a solid color of tissue paper with a shiny color). Cut them into strips of thirds, fold those in half and stuff the folded edge down the front and sides of the box alternating colors as desired. Fluff, twist and crinkle as desired.

Done ;-)

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