Friday, September 26

Finger Painting and Rocket Science

And some recent highlights:

During last week's science curriculum we went through our daily trash, recorded what was recyclable, truly trash and might be reusable. This week Tris is turning the reusables into a science project- he chose to make a rocket-ship (pictured).

Boys medical updates-
Trace and Tris both had pulmonologist appointments. Tris is doing ok, still below what we'd like to see but fine. Trace was (thankfully) bumped back up to his original dosage on the maintenance steroids. We were having to do nebulizers almost daily with him and having a lot of choking when eating/drinking. Hoping that will subside now that he's back on the dosage he should be (before insurance decided they knew better then the doctor).

Mom and Dad had a pretty rough week last week. Trevor worked his normal fulltime+. While I worked my normal Saturday and Sunday days, then Mon night to Tues morning, Tues night to Weds morning, Weds night to Thurs morning, Thurs night to Friday morning and then Saturday and Sunday days again. On top we did a normal homeschool week and had a few social obligations as well. Trevor was able to help out on homeschooling during his days off and let me sleep in bit Tues and Thurs. Tris was not doing well with Daddy homeschooling Tuesday so I woke up early to finish. We also had a meltdown Tuesday at Tae Kwon Do where Tris did not want to participate correctly. Which I think stemmed partially from his homeschool routine being thrown off and partially from it only being his 3rd day in the new Tae Kwon Do class (he spent the last 2 years in the Jrs class with the same instructor and is now in the 7yrs+ class with a new instructor). Trevor did do the whole homeschool day on Thursday and Tris was ok. It was an intense week but we got through it.

This week has been nearly as intense =p My schedule is off from last week so sleep is still elusive. On top Trevor and I got our flu shots for the insurance discount but basically I get the flu anytime I get the shot for it. So I spent the last few days running a fever, being achy, feeling even more tired (if that's possible) and generally feeling like I have the flu =p Always fun.

Hope everyone else is having a great start of Autumn!

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