Saturday, September 6

Our Homeschool 14/15-Wk1 (Video Blog)

Here's a quick written Highlights recap of our first school week and some of the related links talked about in the video. We started the day after Labor Day and will ring in our 4 day school week with 25.25 hours total after Catechism class this Sunday. Three hours were in Extra Curricular and 22.25 were in Core subjects. This is our first year with mandatory record keeping in the state of Missouri since Tristian turned 7 over the summer. Catechism class is starting this Sunday and Tae Kwon Do starts this coming Tuesday for Tris. Trace won't start either until next year. Trace is 4 this year and so we have started a very informal preschool for his learning- nothing serious though. Here's a link to the post before this one I mentioned was the inspiration for doing a video blog with Tristian's short story video just CLICK HERE. I talked about how Tristian was also thrilled we were doing the Bank Account Reward System again this year and you can see more details about how that works by CLICKING HERE. Also, links to the some of the kids websites I mentioned in the video- Professor Garfield, Kidz Clix, Star Fall, Ooka Island and Liberty Kids Videos on Spirit Clips =)

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