Thursday, September 11

Trace's Baby (from the baby store)

We were at Khols because we had a $10 off $10 coupon about to expire. I went and was browsing through the baby section while Trevor was looking at his stuff and we split the boys, I got Trace.

We get to the baby stuff and suddenly Trace starts saying "My baby wants this." and "I want this for my baby." I asked what baby and Trace replied, "My baby from the baby store". We've talked some about how Aunt Tracy and Aunt Devin are going to have babies. I repeated that and said, "but we aren't having a baby." Trace says, "Aunt Devin's baby is my baby. We're going to the baby store to get a baby then I'm going to help take care."

I told him I thought Aunt Devin would appreciate the help but the baby is in her tummy, not a baby store. Trace informed me that I was wrong and we needed to go to the baby store to get his baby for Aunt Devin, more or less after we bought everything baby related at Kohls for the baby (especially the giant fire engine). We talked him out of that... but we did pick up an outfit for one of the babies ;-)

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