Wednesday, September 17

Tristian Missouri GLE/CLE Math Pretest Results (98%)

Got Tristian's pretest results and he scored in the 98 percentile in 2nd Grade Math, the same percentile as his 2nd Grade Language Arts pretest results. The test suggests Tristian is ready to learn skills ranging from 4th Grade to Algebra II. Not sure how that wide a range works. I would personally put Tristian's ability and where he's comfortable as being around 5th Grade, depending.

We are using a 3rd grade core curriculum and supplement material from higher grades. If we had enrolled Tristian in public school he would have been in 1st Grade this year (he's a June baby so that would have made him the oldest instead of the youngest and gotten him a little closer in motor/height/social to his classmates). I explained why we decided to use his age-wise 2nd Grade for testing and a little more about the Verbal Learning Disability in the Language Arts pretest results post. You can see it by CLICKING HERE.

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