Wednesday, September 10

Tristian's MO GLE/CLE Assessment Scores, Lang Arts- 98%

Tristian took his pretests for the Missouri GLE/CLE tests yesterday and they came back today. We use these tests to fill the 'record of assessment' requirement for Missouri Homeschool Laws. He scored in in the 98 percentile compared to national results for Second Graders. At the end of the test assessment results it suggests that Tristian is ready to learn mostly 5th grade Language Arts material (which is about where we are on average on our supplemental learning) with 4 out of 70 skills showing ready to learn 4th grade objectives and 4 out of 70 showing as ready to learn 6th grade objectives. The remaining 62 are Grade 5 objectives.

Second Grade is the grade Tristian would be in according to his chronological age in public school. He is a June baby and, with his social and growth issues, if we had enrolled him in public school we would have chosen to enroll him a year late. Which would have put him in First Grade this year. Putting him in year late would have made him the oldest child instead of the of the youngest in his class- but only by a month if there was a July baby enrolled in the normal grade for their birthdate. That would have at least put Tristian as average on height with his peers, although still behind socially and motor wise it would have helped bridge the gap there as well.

Some of you probably know that Tristian is not using a Second Grade curriculum but a Third Grade base curriculum with supplemental material from up to middle school. Considering the above learning suggestions you also know that Tristian could be using a base curriculum from an even higher grade level. We don't because I am afraid he might miss essential learning blocks if we skipped too much material. Also, considering this information, I do want to explain why we use the assessment test for his corresponding age rather then one of the grades we are actually teaching material from. Or a grade that Tristian would be testing more on average with.
The Non Verbal Learning Disability Tristian has is often mis-diagnosed as gifted. Rarely it's not a mis-diagnoses and the child may actually be gifted as well as have Non Verbal Learning. As much as I would love to believe this is the case with my son (of course) there is no way to know while the child is younger. My basic understanding of what happens is that the children with this disability can learn at a faster rate and higher learning 'ceiling' then normal while younger but eventually slow down. Normally ending up more within a the normal range as they age. So when a mis-diagnoses of gifted happens it can be frustrating for all involved as the child gets older. Teachers and parents continue to expect the child to learn on a gifted level and may think the child is choosing not to meet their expectations. While the child doesn't understand why he can't meet their expectations any longer.

For obvious reasons we don't want to put Tris through that and being homeschooled offers us a unique ability to tailor Tristian's learning to him, without him every being aware it's unusual if/when he does plateau. Basically we are teaching him at his level now and will just continue that as time goes on- whatever that level is. By using assessment tests for the grade Tristian would be in chronologically in public school we can just continue with the tests normally regardless of what pace he learns at. As these are some of the same standardized tests he'd be taking if he was in public school anyways. Where if I had him taking tests for a higher grade we might have to take tests for the same grade more then once when/if he does plateau- something he would absolutely notice and wonder about.
Regardless of standardized test results Tristian is doing fantastic and I can't wait to see what this year brings for us in Language Arts!

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