Tuesday, October 7

Our $10 Toy Chest Save

This wicker chest was being used as a toy chest in our boys room and the lid had been robbed of most of it's wicker, leaving a huge hole in the top. This week we turned it into a cushion top storage chest.

The boys have been using an old wicker chest in their room as a toy box for the last year. It's 12 years old and definitely seen better days- but still had all (or nearly all) it's wicker when placed in their room last fall. Unfortunately that is not the case now. On the bright side the wicker thieving was isolated to the lid, the sides of the chest are still all there, despite some wear and tear. So all that we needed to do was find a fix for the top. I've had the cushion concept in my head for a bit but hadn't found the time or motivation to do it.

Last week we were sorting out toys and reorganizing their room. The chest looked so pitiful that I finally decided to salvage it. We spent about $10 out of pocket and turned it into a cushion top chest. We laid a piece of wood down over top the lid and secured it with screws into the frame. Then put four holes lined up in the center around the wood beams supporting the middle of the lid and another hole in each corner. We tied a large pillow down through these holes using strips of a stretchy fabric. I forgot to take a picture of the chest before starting but you can see just how much wicker had been pulled off in the pic that shows the inside of the chest at this point.

Initially we thought about leaving it at this point. However, considering the little fingers that caused the issue in the first place, we thought better. So, after securing the cushion I pulled a stretch of the same fabric over the bottom to hide the ties and sewed it by hand to the front and sides of the cushion. I made holes in the fabric to allow the original ties to come through, less for any aesthetic reason then as another anchor point to keep the fabric in place (since the ties are secured through the holes in the wood) without pulling as much on the fabric of the cushion. That fabric over the bottom of the lid will hopefully deter little hands from what might have been very tempting knots.

Other then needing some color touch up I think it turned out great =)
Hopefully, we'll get another dozen years out of this chest ;-)

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