Thursday, October 9

Peach Tree Farm Field Trip

A few weeks ago we were studying farming in social studies. So when another homeschool mom posted in our local group that she was setting up a field trip to Peach Tree Farms in Booneville for Oct 6th we signed up. We had a good time. There were some scheduling conflicts on the side of Peach Tree Farms that affected our group somewhat negatively.


Our group had been scheduled 6 weeks ahead of time for the 6th but several school groups had been rained out the week before that instead came on Monday morning also. Rather then stacking the visits or choosing to have the make up group's hey rides pushed back further in the day our ride was pushed back. Multiple times- giving the reason that we were the homeschool group who came separately instead of in a bus. Not sure I got that reasoning. We finally asked if those of us with toddlers and preschoolers could climb on with the last school group because by then we'd gone quite a bit over the original planned time and the littlest ones were getting more upset each time we had to tell them it wasn't our turn to ride after all (Trace was not the only kid to have a mini breakdown over one of those). So that was a little frustrating- but these things happen and over all the trip was still a lot of fun.


There were all sorts of fun things to do. The kids really loved the straw maze (we just had to go through that one last time before heading to our car). There were lots of fun painted wood cut outs that made the feel of the place very kid friendly. Tris, Trace and Ella all loved watching the animals. Although they didn't really get to feed any because the animals were very full from all the groups trying to feed them. There were a lot of fun things to explore and climb on, like wagons and straw horses. Plus, each kid got to pick out a small pumpkin before heading home.


Definitely a trip I'll be watching for us to join again next year.

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