Tuesday, October 21

Update- both boys getting worse, pulmonologist appt tomorrow

I mentioned on the ER post that I suspected Tris was headed down he same road as Trace, since he started having a tighter and tighter cough Sunday and that proved true. Both boys were running fevers again as of last night. Tris' started right before bed and Trace's started yesterday morning. Those fevers greatly raise the probability that last week's cold became this week's respiratory infection.

We have an appt with their pulminologist at 8am tomorrow morning. Hopefully get them started on antibiotics, if needed, and Tris on an oral steroid. We stopped Tris' hormone injections as of last night because of the fever (not suppose to give if he's running a fever) and of course won't be able to pick them up until he's done with the oral steroid (drug interactions).
This is our third consecutive week of lung problems and Mom is getting pretty exhausted, lol. I've been staying up through the night to keep little boys propped up, stopping choking, doing nebulizers and taking fever reducers. So I'm only getting a few hours of sleep myself in the early morning after that awful late night very early morning period that is always the worst for breathing. If they didn't have the appointment Wednesday I probably would have taken both boys into the ER when Tris spiked his fever last night. Hopefully we can all be breathing and sleeping a little easier soon.

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