Tuesday, November 25

Tris Broke His First Board in Tae Kwon Do!!!

We've been pretty mia lately with trying to catch up on school from being sick so the blog has fallen behind... but we had to share this!

Thursday, November 13

We all have chest infections

and Trevor's going to get to keep that finger =p

Seriously though, totally saw the chest infection stuff coming. Sorta what's bound to happen after 4 weeks of chest colds. Although Tristian is doing the best. He is still on antibiotics but lung wise he may or may not have an infection and just have congestion left from the colds. He definitely has an ear infection though so his antibiotics are kinda killing two birds with one stone. Trace's diagnosis is flipped he might have the start of an ear or sinus infection but definitely has one in his chest- as do I. Even Trevor's lungs sounded bad today (he's had a cold for about 5 days now) so he got some antibiotics too. We have gotten fairly lucky with infections considering our risk factors. I am hoping these last few weeks aren't foreshadowing the rest of the cold season!

Oh yes, the finger. The doctor said it was a good wrap job and lookec fine for how deep the cut was (seriously like halfway through the top of his finger). The wrapping let it start to close together so just keep it wrapped and barring infection it should heal fine. So that was a fun day at the doctor's =)

Tuesday, November 11

Such a Guy

So.... Mimiand Pap gave the boys these very large Hershey bars for Halloween.  They've been in our freezer being divied out. I open the second one tonight and can't get the sucker to break, even with the provided sections. Thick frozen chocolate is hard to break! Trevor laughs at me. Tells me I'm "such a girl" then slams his hand down on it to break it into pieces. Except manly man forgot to move the knife from cooking dinner that was near where I had been holding the chocolate. Guess who's got a finger wrapped in gauze now? Instant karma... shouldn't make fun of your wife ;-)

Thursday, November 6

Candy Floats

Holiday prep is well underway at our house! We have 8 pies in our freezer, started putting up Christmas d├ęcor, wrapping presents and have put together these Candy Float Candy Bouquets.

These aren't planned only for Christmas. Because of the year out expiration date on candy these can be made far in advance and still have months of use for the recipient. Candy rarely survives a month in our home... still, I'm sure that's a good thing for some people.

Wednesday, November 5

Open Season on Bows & Ribbon in this Zeiger House

Bubbles has been a very happy cat since he realized today kicked off this year's present wrapping. He wore himself out ;-)