Thursday, November 6

Candy Floats

Holiday prep is well underway at our house! We have 8 pies in our freezer, started putting up Christmas d├ęcor, wrapping presents and have put together these Candy Float Candy Bouquets.

These aren't planned only for Christmas. Because of the year out expiration date on candy these can be made far in advance and still have months of use for the recipient. Candy rarely survives a month in our home... still, I'm sure that's a good thing for some people.

I took advantage of the candy sales that went on around Halloween at Hy-vee ($1.77 for a 11-12oz snack size Mars and $1.99 for the 11-12oz snack size Hersheys) as well as grabbed a really good deal on some Russel Stover, Hershey and other snack size and sugar free candies when our store did a reset a couple weeks ago. I also was really happy for find the Ice Cream Parfait cups in the picture to the side for $1.24 on clearance at Target. The other cups I found at Dollar Tree.

Including the cups, candy, and packaging (glue sticks, foam balls, straws/spoons, etc...) these cost us $5-$6 each. Which is fantastic because normally the candy alone would cost that or more =)


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