Tuesday, December 23

Minecraft Java Design Course (free or 40% off)

Tris and Trace finally discovered Minecraft. Tris' new thing is to watch videos of people playing games on youtube and for the last couple days all he's wanted to watch is minecraft (to the exclusion of actually playing his own games). So Dad and I broke down and are buying the $27 game download card for them as a gift from us for Christmas (which is more then we've spent on a game of any sort in YEARS). My only saving grace on this one is that I have enough smartpoints in the homeschool buyers coop to get the $250 Minecraft Mod Design 1 Course ($149.99 at 40% through the co-op without smartpoints CLICK HERE) for free to add as part of the . This way we can get some school hours out of this game/sudden obsession ;-) I can't wait to see their reactions to getting this and I think Tris may really enjoy programming. I hate dealing with java, but hopefully he doesn't =p

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