Tuesday, March 10

UPS Driver Hit Brock, Keeps Going

UPS Driver hit Brock yesterday afternoon while Brock was sniffing around for a place to potty at the edge of the yard/curb (not in the street). Before anyone gets onto us for him not having a leash on. Any family member (like my brother  who really wanted us to train his dog) ~or neighbor~ can vouch that Brock doesn't chase cars and is trained to stay in the yard and listens to commands very well. Plus the CoMo leash law says- "If the animal will stay in your yard by training or command, no restraint is required." The UPS driver just drove off, no slow down, no pause, no apology.

Luckily, Brock is mostly ok, granted in a lot of pain even being on the good drugs the vet gave him. Vet took xrays but no internal damage and was really surprised Brock was over a decade old. Which, on a side note, gives me more hope he's going to get that 20 something life-span that may be in his genetics. That is as long as a UPS driver doesn't decide to try and finish the job. He has some marks on his face where he was pushed face first into the curb from being hit from behind and his left back leg was dislocated (vet put him under at 8am to put it back in place).

I'm pretty disappointed in UPS. Assuming it was a mistake- why not take the minute to stop and apologize to the pet owner whose dog you either just killed or cost them a few hundred bucks to in vet fees?

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