Wednesday, April 22

Go Deigo Go Handmade Cake Topper

I promised Trace a Go Diego Go cake. Everything Go Diego Go is discontinued, and super expensive if you can find it. So this was my solution, see the picture.
What's that you say? That Diego doesn't really look exactly like that mold!?
That's because that is not a mold. That is a random toy we had that once held bubble solution in it and Trace now plays with in the bath. It is not in any way, shape or form a mold- and was extremely frustrating to try and use even as a limited template for doing this. But I persevered and Trace will have Diego on his birthday cake.
and this sucker is going in bubble wrap in the freezer o.0
I'm not really even joking about that....

Sunday, April 5

Easter- Cause Jesus is a Real Nice Guy

The aftermath of the Easter Egg Hunt at lunch time (so Trevor got to see it, he had to work).
While the boys were opening eggs I said, "What is today all about?"
Trace says, "Easter Bunny Day!"
lol, no.
Tristian says, "It's the day Jesus rose again!"
... Yes! I say, "Yes! Jesus was dead for three days but because he was God's son he rose on the third day."
Trace goes, "and him went up with God."
I knew he knew it wasn't Easter Bunny Day... but just to top it off...
Trace says, "cause him a real nice guy." Why yes, yes he is ;-)

5am Easter Baskets!


5am Easter Baskets, but Daddy got to see them discover their baskets so that's ok!
They each got a bucket w/ shovel and water gun (with candy inside) for the beach. Then Sports themed lollipops & candy jewelry & chocolates, a chocolate bunny, a candy filled car AND a Webkinz!!!