Monday, October 19

Tristian got Glasses!

Tris had an eye check up today and needed glasses, isn't he handsome in them? Looks so much like hi daddy! Hopefully he got Daddy's eyes and not Mimi's ;-)

Wednesday, October 14

CHE Peach Tree Farms Field Trip

We had a blast this year at Peach Tree Farms with CHE!

They boys got to feed some of the animals

and be a little silly. It was lots of fun!

Wednesday, October 7


I'll have to let my husband know. Apparently he made the wrong choice encouraging our homeschool, since I liked him perfectly well before I was a hs mom. But if hs mom's don't like men.... well who can argue with that? *off to join the local chapter of hs moms against men*

Sunday, October 4

CHE Fall Festival!

Waiting for the hay ride to come around at the end of the night.

Picnic Time!

Making cards!

Candle Jar turned Candy Corn Dish

We bought candy corn today yum ;-)Unfortunately, I couldn't find our candy dish (no idea where that got put when we moved). We had an empty large Colonial Candle jar I hadn't found a use for but didn't want to throw away. I printed the free Got Candy printable from here- on cardstock and used packing tape to put it on the jar. Instant candy corn jar and thought it turned out well ;-)