Wednesday, November 25

Tristian's Letter to Santa

We had a couple of the Dear Santa forms from Bass Pro last year and the boys wanted to write Santa letters. Trace didn't get very far on his (it's a process) so Tristian made sure to add what he brother wanted to his ;-) Tris also added some embellishments to the envelope side.

Friday, November 13

About Mizzou

I rarely post about political issues. I have strong convictions on many topics; however, they skip across the political lines far too often for me to identify with any specific group. Yet, living in Columbia, MO and watching as the situation at Mizzou unfolded and as the chaos continues to be sorted out, I find myself wanting to speak. Or rather write.

There are many common decency priorities I wish I had seen in my city during the protests. Now I wish I saw around the internet as people discuss this situation. I'm not going to comment on the situation directly, because it is what it is. The only thing that matters at this point is moving forward.

Doing so, people HAVE to stop alienating others based on any criteria, especially ones that are purely biological. We HAVE to start listening to one another, not just listening to argue, refute, respond. Actually listening. Comprehending, accepting and stepping into others shoes- on both sides. I've spoken so often to others, but I feel (especially after seeing the protests and things that went on in this city where I am raising my children) I feel many people, on all sides, don't get this. Maybe because of our inability to listen to hear one another ;-)

This is America, the melting pot. At this point nearly one and all have the same heritage!!! More importantly, we are all just human. Skin color means zip about heritage. White skin doesn't mean someone has no African, Asian, Hispanic, native, etc... heritage any more then other skin colors preclude Caucasian or other heritage. It is simply a physical trait that HAS to stop mattering any more then color of hair, shade of eyes, or any other.

Be proud of who you are and where you come from, but it needn't be at the cost of another's right to be proud of who they are. Your truth is not dependent on another's truth. You do not have to tear down another to build yourself up, nor should you desire to do so- in discussions or otherwise. Skin color should never matter more then any other physical trait, not for any reason.

Wednesday, November 4

Sight Word Go Fish

A game we've been playing to help with sight words. It's basically go fish but with sight word flash cards instead of a normal card deck. Printed out a couple of the pages from's sight word flash cards (link below). 

 Printed out multiples of a couple of the pages on card stock (printed an ABCs pattern on the back to make it harder to see through the cards in well lit conditions) and wrote the words on the corners for when we get a little better at reading (right now we are playing an abbreviated version where the cards are laid out in front of us to make it easier to read them). My son loves playing go fish but has his numbers down, so I thought this might make playing go fish a little more productive atm ;-)

Quick link to all the sight word flash cards together (the first grade ones are up front, the prek and kinder ones are further back) You do need a membership to print off. The free membership will let you print off several sheets a month for free.

Monday, November 2

Tris as St Isaac Jogues for All Saints Day

The older classes at Sacred Heart's PSR dressed up as Saints for All Saints Day (which was on a Sunday this year!). Tristian chose to be St Isaac Jogues. He was a big hit and got so many compliments!