Monday, December 21

Elf on the Shelf Decorates the TV

I haven't been posting a lot of our elf on the shelf pictures this year, so here's another.

Happy thought the television needed some bling ;-) The snowmen were happy to lend a hand, and their ladder.

Friday, December 18

Elf on the Shelf got a New Coat

Happy got a new coat and stocking cap this year. They were $3 each at Michaels (they were ornaments, normally $6 but on a 50% off sale).

The boys think they are pretty spiffy!

Wednesday, December 16

O Holy Night Catechist Blanket


Last one! Made for Tristian's catechist teacher for Christmas. The O Holy Night block is from one of Jody Pyott's blanket patterns.

Friday, December 11

Starry Night Catechist Blanket


Blanket made for one of Trace's catechist teachers as a gift for Christmas. Repeat block is an altered block from one of Jody Pyott's blanket patterns.

Monday, December 7

Cross Catechist Blanket


Blanket made for my oldest son's teenage assistant catechist teacher for a Christmas gift.

Saturday, December 5

Joy to the World Gift Blanket


Made this blanket using some of the blocks in one of Jody Pyott's blanket patterns. It's a gift for one of my youngest's catechist teachers for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 1

Happy December!!!

It's finally December and Christmas is just weeks away!

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by or all the changes it has brought us. 

May your Christmas Angel watch over you this December.