Saturday, January 16

Trace's Brain Growth MRI

There's been a lot of pictures of Trace lately without his big brother. Bear with me for one more set. Trace had his MRI on Thursday. It went smoothly and now hoping for good news.

Monday, January 11


Trace told me he wanted to write a sentence with his cookie letters blocks to eat. His sentence? I AM WONDERFUL. No self esteem issues with this kiddo!

Wednesday, January 6

Alphabet Cookie Word Family Activity!

We found alphabet cookie blocks at the dollar tree yesterday. Right now we are working on our AT words. These cookies made this review of the words we are working on in Explode the Code super fun!

Every time Trace got a word right he got to EAT the first letter! Trace thought that was just awesome ;-)


Tuesday, January 5

My Homeschool View RIGHT NOW

One of the nicest things about homeschooling is the flexibility... and having cat's as teacher assistants. If you're curious the screen I'm on is IXL's new analytics report. They just added Science and Social Studies to the roster (on top of already having Math and Language Arts), which we are very excited about! I'll be posting about what we think of the new subjects, probably, early next month ;-) We bought our IXL subscription at a discount through the FREE Homeschool Buyers Co-op. You can check out it out by CLICKING HERE

Monday, January 4

First Monday of 2016

Dear Lord, please let me make it through this first Monday after holiday break without completely freaking out.

This is also inventory Monday at work (which I did not have to help with cycle counts for, woohoo!) but my husband spent the first part of the day totally concerned about something not working out correctly. Thank you for helping it to work out and be ok!

Our 8 year old autistic boy has discovered you can say something that is not true this year (Autism can actually have silver linings, like knowing your kid isn't lying to you cause why would you ever say something that isn't is or vice versa? Except this one finally figured out why... lol). So we've already had some of that this morning trying to skimp on work. In his defense I am assuming he simply got excited at the first time the skill was finished and it said "Complete!" and he followed that train of thought through to it all being complete. I suspect that is not what happened, but lets start school back off with some good grace, hmm? Even if giving grace means it takes him 2hours to do what's normally done in 1 -.-

My netbook bit the dust yesterday (this has not been a good school year for computers for us! Luckily it was on extended warranty and a trip to Best Buy got us a refund) so I have a nifty new laptop (that will be awesome for online stuffs) but am trying to get everything set up on that, which is always a wild ride (read frustrating).

Five year old actually did his stuff without any complaint and is currently watching lego city... Yeah, I'm a bad Mom letting him veg in front of the tv, but whatever. The day is still a win for that kiddo.

All in all we have more blessings then negatives. But still... yay, first Monday of 2016 o.O

Sunday, January 3

Mother in Law's 23rd Psalms Crochet Bible Blanket


This is the last blanket gift I have planned for a while. I included a picture of the blanket (that I was late finishing and did not have time to block out and make all nice and pretty, :-p ) as well as the planogram I made; so, it's easier to see what the blanket says and how the colors and blocks are laid out. I did alter the original design by Jody Pyott a bit, she made a lovely design!