Sunday, January 3

Mother in Law's 23rd Psalms Crochet Bible Blanket


This is the last blanket gift I have planned for a while. I included a picture of the blanket (that I was late finishing and did not have time to block out and make all nice and pretty, :-p ) as well as the planogram I made; so, it's easier to see what the blanket says and how the colors and blocks are laid out. I did alter the original design by Jody Pyott a bit, she made a lovely design!


  1. is this blanket for sale and if so how much and could you do it in pastel colors

  2. Thank you for the compliment but this was a gift I made and I do not crochet or knit to sell. If you can crochet I would really suggest making your own, the piece by piece set up makes it more manageable than you might think. If not Jody Pyott does sell premade ones from time to time, currently this one is for sale- or you could contact her to see if she'd make the 23rd Psalms one for you.