Saturday, February 27

How to Make Easter Workbooks from's worksheets

I put together 3 collections of Easter worksheets with directions for printing them as workbooks. As well as, a list of Easter downloads with multiple pages for those with a free account.

Paid Account?
Follow the links below; then, use the "download as collection" option & follow print directions in the description. Makes Happy Easter on front cover, subject on inside, contents as first page & a craft on the back cover.
They all have the same cover (limited options). Take a sharpie & write the subject on front if desired (the inside cover will say the subject also). I print front & back covers on cardstock.

Free Account?
You can still get a workbook's worth of downloaded pages from these Easter downloads with multiple sheets. I've collected 13 but the monthly freebie limit is 8. So, choose wisely!

***DISCLAIMER*** We received no incentive from just sharing in case anyone else wanted Easter themed workbooks.

Wednesday, February 24

Asleep at Day

Someone didn't get enough sleep last night. Or he's getting sick. Let's hope for the first one. Literally passed out in the middle of math.

Thursday, February 18

FREE Spanish Learning and Memes

Tristian has started using Duolingo for to learn Spanish. After Duolingo (which won't be for a while), I am planning on having him go through Memrise's A1 & A2. is completely free. is free with a pro option that has extras. I've been checking out Memrise and like the making memes ideas for helping to jog memory or make connections. Here's a few I'm made having fun. It's a pretty cute idea!


Tuesday, February 16

Just a Cute Sleeping Pic of Trace

Cause who doesn't sleep with a cat tucked under their arm, just in case?

Just thought this was cute, meant to publish it the other day.

Monday, February 15

Medieval Homeschooling

Last week we kicked off our unit on the Middle Ages by watching this video, Children of the Middle Ages.

Which provided the boys with some info on what it was like for kids in medieval times.

Then we headed over to the Museum of London's site where they have a game called The Medieval Game of Life (CLICK HERE to visit). Where the boys got to see how long they could keep different characters alive and what choices they had in their lives.

Between the two resources I think we managed to set up a pretty decent basic understanding of life in the Middle Ages. We've got a lot more fun stuff planed, including building our own castle, making a coat of arms and learning lots more!

Friday, February 12

Valentines for Room at the Inn Shelter (50 Bags of Brownies )

We made 50 valentine bags with brownies in them this year for the Room at the Inn shelter! The boys had such a blast remembering how important it is to show everyone God's love =)

Monday, February 8

Free Math Curriculum Game

Tristian says the Prodigy Math Game is like, "Getting to play Torchlight and do math at the same time!" For my little math guru that is better then sliced bread. Granted, considering his gluten allergy, that might be a bit of a skewed comparison ;-)

Even so, he's been having a blast using his character (the wizard Tristan Magicgiver) to battle "bad dudes" and bosses. Each attack required answering a math question right. The questions are pulled from the curriculum or lesson the parent or teacher chooses.

The game is available for free, though there are some advantages to being a paying member. Haven't checked the cost of that since are just enjoying the freeness ;-) Just wanted to share, check it out by CLICKING HERE

Saturday, February 6

Valentine Tie Dying

It's February and time for us to make valentines for the Room at the Inn shelter our church helps run every year. I saw tons of fun paper dying projects this year and decided we should try our hand at it for making our valentines.

It was super easy and turned out great. Some cheap shaving cream, food dye, a pan, heart doilies, on curious kitten and two messy little boys later we had some fantastic valentines waiting to be put to use!