Thursday, March 24

Tristian's Trashy Science Project


Tristian and Daddy were sorting trash as part of Tristian's research for his science fair project. We'll share the final project after the fair!

Tuesday, March 15

Mathbreakers is a BLAST (& 20% OFF)

I've posted a few math programs; but, we've tried LOTS more. I post the exceptional ones- like Mathbreakers. There's a free download linked below with the 20% off sale I used (homeschooling on a budget here).

Here's a video of the boys playing the game.

It's virtual "hands on" method promotes the child to use, and think of, numbers intrinsically. The video is of Tris playing, but Trace practiced counting to 100 by fives today. He needed 100 balls to throw at the wall of -100 blocks, but the highest ball machine he could find was 5s.

Very affordably priced- $25, or $19.95 through the Free Homeschool Buyers Co-op. It's not a yearly subscription, either! Putting Mathbreakers with Splash Math as the two most affordable, for purchase, elementary math programs I'm aware of. Having lower one time purchases than many yearly math subs.

CLICK HERE for free download and CLICK HERE for 20% off sale

*ATTENTION* Mathbreakers did NOT give me anything. Be assured the opinions here are truly how we feel about the program, which is that Mathbreakers is awesome =)

Tuesday, March 8

Pics of Playing at the Park

Trevor and the boys went to a co-op science fair committee meeting this morning at the library.

Then decided it was such a nice day they spent some time at a park afterwards.


Thursday, March 3

Magnetic Fun

The boys spent the morning at the library and checked out some books on magnets.

Tristian got an awesome magnet kit for Christmas; so, they came home and decided to tear into that and start trying out some experiments. They are having lots of fun and learning tons =)

Including a couple pictures below and a video where they were making a magnet spring.


The filming came off kind of dark and grainy, sorry about that!

Tris wanted to clarify- he meant to say a north pole was facing towards a north pole and a south pole was facing towards a south pole.

Tuesday, March 1

Our Homeschool Hours Update

Something happened that doesn't happen often when hour tracking. All of our total hours lined up as whole hours (no decimal points!). This is neat because it makes it very easy to visualize and get an idea of where we are at for the year. I thought I'd share a pie chart of what our hours look like so far this year:

You can see we've hit two of the Missouri Homeschool yearly hour requirements, already. In having 600 or more total core hours. With 400 or more of those core hours having been at the homeschool location. That's a good feeling! We need 263 hours still to hit our last hour requirement of having 1,000 total homeschool hours. We are a little over half way through our 3rd quarter. With a total of 11 more formal education weeks left in our school year, not including Spring-Break or Wrap-Up weeks. We're doing great; ahead of the game plan!