Wednesday, August 3

Explorers Lapbook

School prep season is well under way (or even over!) for many homeschoolers. We are no different and while I was prepping for the coming year I realized I did not have an explorers lapbook. I have bought quite a few lapbooks but never tried to put one together without directions, but decided to give creating one from free resources a go this time. I taped on an extra panel to our file folders to create these lapbooks and you can visit where I got the downloads for them by clicking on the names of the creators in the post below.

I used a few different free resources to put these together. However, most of the components for the lapbooks, including the cover, came from downloads from the 123 Homeschool 4 Me site. There are five parts to download and I used the pockets and cards found in each and the cover is from the preschool pack. There were a few cards that didn't not have a pocket- so I created the "More Explorers" pocket for those. I printed off everything half size (2 pages per sheet). I did not laminate or print the cards on cardstock, as was suggested- we just glued the front and back sides together and they are pretty sturdy as is. These "Explorer Pockets" will be a fun reusable hands on activity.

The "Exploration Routes" and "Where Were They From?" sections were both from 123 Homeschool 4 Me but the timeline isn't. The actual timeline and the timeline pocket are from What Teachers Want. The timeline was printed full size and the timeline pocket was printed half-size. The timeline cards are from Layers of Learning and are printed half-size. I did laminate these cards since they are pretty small a single sheet of paper. The miniature timeline cards fit perfectly into the half-size timeline pocket, for storage. We will be writing on the timeline during our first week of school and the cards will be a reusable hands on activity for when we want to revisit this lapbook.

Both parts of this last section where printed half-size (2 pages per sheet). The cute little "The Parts of an Explorer" diagram came from It's Elementary My Dear. Below it is a "Six Reasons for Exploration" flip chart made by Tara Paige. We will fill that out during our first week of school.

We had lots of fun putting these together and both boys wanted to finish them now. I know they are looking forward to getting to finish them next month!

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