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We are an Attachment Parenting, Homeschooling, Home Birthing, Baby Wearing, Breastfeeding, Wheat and Corn Free, Semi-Crunchy, Doing What Works For Us Family. Navigating our way through life as a family while dealing with various medical concerns.

Originally Trace's big worry for us was his kidney's. Tristian's biggest concern was his lungs (oxygen problems may have contributed to initial development delays). Both boys don't create much growth hormone. Both boys have skewed dietary proteins and serious food allergies. We didn't realize I had similar problems until after my youngest's pregnancy. There were some symptoms before. Everything was explained away for other reasons- asthma, pinched nerve, just being short, ibs, hypoglycemia, etc... Something about the last pregnancy kicked the genetics into overdrive.

Before Trace was born the doctor's thought Tristian's problems weren't genetic, but maybe caused by the pre-eclampsia during his pregnancy, on top of being preterm. Tristian has symptoms of autism/aspergers, maybe verbal learning disability(taught himself to read starting at 2 but was motor delayed). Figuring out food allergies was a huge step forward in managing his symptoms along with the right regimen of asthma medications. Tristian has been on supplemental growth hormone since he turned 4. Trace's kidneys, luckily, haven't been near the concern doctors initially thought. His labs were also better then big brother's up to age 3. However, Trace has flatlined on growth for more then a year now and we recently found an abnormality in his pituitary gland. He stopped growing at an older age then Tris but fell off the chart at a younger age (we think Tris would have been large for his age like his Dad's family if he had normal growth and Trace would have been closer to average). I strongly feel the extended breastfeeding' s immune and nutrient support helped delay Trace's symptoms. Regardless of health concerns- with plenty of love, a strong family, good doctors and faith we know our family will be fine.

Trevor and I were both born and raised in the Catholic faith. Trevor grew up small town in northern Missouri and has strong family ties. He enjoys rifle and bow hunting, jigsaw puzzels, and really likes physics related games. I was born in Columbia, SC but I grew up from early childhood in Columbia, MO. It is very important to me that we do our best to provide a strong, loving family foundation for our children. I love crafts, design, building, reading and blogging ;-) We both love being with our boys! We tend to be frugal (medical bills and allergy free foods are expensive). We also try to be green, use natural or organic when possible, reuse, etc... I love my husband too much for words. We both feel insanely lucky to have each other and I thank God multiple times a day we do. I could never imagine going through life without him, without a doubt he is my soul mate.

The purpose of this blogs is to post how tos, pictures, memories, etc for our own use as well as for families and friends. The blog is geared towards ourselves, family and friends- but is open to anyone. I'm always happy to hear from others. Feel free to email or comment. If there is something you want me to check on facebook or elsewere, please feel free to post a link or tell me where to look. I love hearing from you.

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